Community Central Wiki is the main wiki in the entire Wikia. It is a wiki where users from different wikis gather together to collaborate and help one another depending on the help needed or a situation/issue that needs a good solution. Aside from the Rules and Guidelines set up for the Community Central Wiki, there are does and don’ts that you have to observe whenever you are in Community Central. Allow me to list down all the the things to do that will serve as your guide to the Community Central Wikia.

Do try tune in or keep up-to-date for all the latest changes. Community Central is a place where you can found all the latest updates and news around Wikia. People often have questions to why this or that is occurring around Wikia at the moment. What is happening? What is going on? Why are these changes being made? If you seem to ponder about any unexpecting updates, then you can head to the Community Central Wiki to find out all the latest changes being made in the entire Wikia network. A head start for you is the weekly technical updates Wikia changes that are announced by means of blogs to inform everyone what bugs have been fixed, what things is the Wikia Staff currently working on and what plans are made for the entire Wikia. There are also occasional highlighted threads that you can also find which will also inform about any latest updates around Wikia.

Do be specific in your adoption requests. Community Central is the place where you can create your adoption request. When you do make your adoption requests, make sure that you have to be specific in making an application. Are the administrators of that wiki inactive for 60 days and above? How many edits have you made so far? Have you created an article yet? If yes, how many? How long have you been contributing to that wiki? Are there any other active users in that wiki? What do you plan to do once you adopt the wiki? Users who respond to adoption requests are likely to ask you questions such as these and will also likely provide you pieces of advice.

Do display proper behavior. Community Central observes guidelines with regards to user conduct. For a sample, swearing is forbidden in Community Central and it is most likely because swearing has become often used to harass other users and it’s a quick way to start baiting and fiery arguments another other users. Thus, proper behavior is a must in Community Central. No one likes any form of improper behavior (eg. trolling, harassing) as it is not cool nor pleasing, most especially to the staff members who moderate this wiki.

Do appeal a block or ban in a civil manner. Community Central has often become the most common place to appeal about a block or ban to someone. When you do appeal about a block or ban, make it civil. Do not rage out, yell, or swear, as it will not help to lift your block or ban nor reduce it. It also increases the chance of getting into trouble, like an increase in the block or ban. This also includes bans from chat.

Do respect the decisions of the users who moderate the wiki. Any decision made by any local staff member or the Wikia Staff must be respected. If they ask you to move on from any drama that have occurred, then you must move on. If they ask you to drop a subject, then you must drop the subject.

Do try to be specific as much as possible when you need help with something. When you seek help in Community Central, try to be clear in stating the help you need. Remember that there are lots and lots of helpful people in Community Central and they are willing to help you. Just make sure that you are specific with the help you need.

Do try to use the help provided for you. Community Central is often a place where we ask for help and receive help. Once you do get the answers to the help you think you needed, try to use them out. A sample is using the Special:Contact form whenever you wish to seek help from Wikia such as when you seem to experience bugs and when you seem that you need a guide in sorting out a particular problem. A lot of people want or volunteer to help, as there are always a lot of answers or solutions to anything.

Do respect the opinions and preferences of users. All users are entitled into their own opinions and preferences and we must respect them. One sample is not to bash a user for being a certain fan of something or for liking something. Another sample is not to bash a user regardless of their preferred gender. If you don’t have anything nice or good to say, then don’t say it at all as you are likely to offend users or cause unwanted arguments. Everyone wants to be and feel respected.

Do show kindness and friendliness to other users. Community Central is often a place to hang out and make friends with one another, most especially in chat. Be kind to one another! Say good things to one another! Befriend one another! Remember that kindness and friendliness are one of the keys in creating good harmony.

So that is all. Thanks for reading and I hope this blog helped you! Have a good day! :)