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My name Megan Elizabeth Wilco i live with my two parents and my two brothers. i have a hamster named Pinkerton he is like the cutest pet ever. i love to read books, paint, draw, and write stories. i love to help animals. i ride horses and i take care of my hamster Pinkerton. Pinkerton is my baby and i would do anything to keep him safe from evil. i am also a great fighter i use a bow and arrow my dagger and my sword called moonlight song. i love my family even if we have problems we all need to work on together. i love to help others and make my own movies. my brother and i made a video called Mark's and Piper's mattress madness. that is all for this blog 

By: Megan Elizabeth Wilco

Date: 7-12-16

asome and my life long dream

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