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    Stuff :)

    March 14, 2017 by Pippa and Evie

    Hi! Its Evie! And I'm going to continue the story/ tale:

    So, Andy and Lilly are going out and , to be honest, I think that I still have feelings for Andy but then again I might just be jealous! Anyways, they decide to OPENLY discuss it right in front of me after I went out with Andy- you can imagine how mad I was.... now I'm not mad at Lilly or anything I just can't understand why she woud go out with him after how he treated me and his well-known history with girls.Oh, and I think that I might like Kai and it was really funny cause there was a photo of him in the office and I was like , " OMG! Look at Kai's face," and when I turned around he was standing behind me :) also I have to do fruit with him on Friday.

    Wow, I've gone right off topic…

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  • Pippa and Evie

    Life Right Now

    March 13, 2017 by Pippa and Evie

    Ok, hey! Pippa here. I know! We said we would do a daily post but I've/we've been REALLY busy with SATs right now so we only do a post when we have time. Soz! So update. Our last blog was a story that I think you get so I don't need to finish it so yeah. Now, I do need to tel you more about ANDY! Yes, ANDY!! And you wouldn't believe what happened. A girl in our class (Lily) + Andy= A FREAKIN' RELATIONSHIP!!!! I can imagine how frustrated Evie was when this happened. But she acted quite cool about it. She told me that she wasn't bothered, she was just concerned about Lily because she knows how he treated her after their break up. I'm not gonna tell you that because Evie might not want everyone to know this. So I won't say; for her sake. Oth…

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  • Pippa and Evie

    Evie: Hiya! Welcome to our blog! Right, first things first, I must tell you that me and my Bestie ( Pippa) can be VERY weird sometimes-in the good way of course! Btw, if you want drama, crushes, frenemies, divas, besties, devil teachers, boring assemblies AND extreme bad luck then this is the page for you! Now back to Pippa for more info on our life! (;

    Pippa: Thank you Evie! Right, lets get right to the point. My friend/not friend/enemy, I have changed everyone's name for obvious reasons, Casey literally has TORTURED Evie and hasn't even realised it!! Basically, Evie went out with a boy called Andy-who needs to work on his hair- and he now likes Casey and she likes him back. I think I need to hand over to Evie for this.

    Evie: As Pippa menti…

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