Evie: Hiya! Welcome to our blog! Right, first things first, I must tell you that me and my Bestie ( Pippa) can be VERY weird sometimes-in the good way of course! Btw, if you want drama, crushes, frenemies, divas, besties, devil teachers, boring assemblies AND extreme bad luck then this is the page for you! Now back to Pippa for more info on our life! (;

Pippa: Thank you Evie! Right, lets get right to the point. My friend/not friend/enemy, I have changed everyone's name for obvious reasons, Casey literally has TORTURED Evie and hasn't even realised it!! Basically, Evie went out with a boy called Andy-who needs to work on his hair- and he now likes Casey and she likes him back. I think I need to hand over to Evie for this.

Evie: As Pippa mentioned before, a couple weeks ago, I went out with a boy called Andy. Now, I know what you're thinking. Why does he like Casey if he went out with you? What you need to know about Andy is that when he breaks up with a girl, he ALWAYS  has another girl in mind!! And, yes, there's more! P.S. I don't know how, but I still love him!!!!! Anyways, back to the story! Our topic is currently WWII, so we had to watch Goodnight Mister Tom and obviously Andy sat next to Casey and held her freakin' hand during the film, thanks to Pippa, I found out, so that was good! But I kind of guessed anyway since it's his famous move along with the whisper-kiss and playing with their hair. NO JOKE. I really thought that we were going to have a serious relationship now that we're in Year 6, cause in case you didn't know, we have a very complicated relationship. I came to this school in Year 2 and me and Andy (and another boy)  had love at first sight, that other boy was Jacob- Pippa's current boyfriend- and me and him went out in Year 2 as well! Then in Year 3 me and Alex broke up and got back together again, from then on we were on and off all the way to  Year 5, I'm getting too emotional! You get the idea, so, I'm going to let Pippa do some out-troing and check back up daily for more drama e.t.c 

Pippa: Right, this story will continue tomorrow by Evie or me. If you want more things like this then tune in every day! Awesome!! Yayyyy!!! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!