Hi! Its Evie! And I'm going to continue the story/ tale:

So, Andy and Lilly are going out and , to be honest, I think that I still have feelings for Andy but then again I might just be jealous! Anyways, they decide to OPENLY discuss it right in front of me after I went out with Andy- you can imagine how mad I was.... now I'm not mad at Lilly or anything I just can't understand why she woud go out with him after how he treated me and his well-known history with girls.Oh, and I think that I might like Kai and it was really funny cause there was a photo of him in the office and I was like , " OMG! Look at Kai's face," and when I turned around he was standing behind me :) also I have to do fruit with him on Friday.

Wow, I've gone right off topic. I'll fill you in more later ;)