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    Muhammad Irfan Maqsood

    October 19, 2013 by Pmlnlahore

    M. Irfan Maqsood (born 26 January 1986) is a Pakistani national, an active social and political worker and a research scholar in molecular biology. He completed his college education at MAO College, a public college in Lahore. He earned his Black Belt (Self Defense) in 2005 and organized Lahore District Martial Arts Tournaments 2006-2009. Believing on the slogan "Knowledge is Power", he started his career as social worker during his college life and continued his education as well. He became very popular among PMLN workers within 4 years and was nominated as the Joint Secretary of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Lahore on September 2007, on the advice of PMLN leader Mian M. Nawaz Sharif. He was very active PMLN worker in NA-123 constituency and…

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