Sonic: i heard that a very intense and strong character is challenging me good thing i got this note from him just who is this character? it say's you don't stand a chance to awesome power what? ima beat that guy no matter what im sonic and have amazing fast speed and i am also intense

Sonic: goes to the battle field ok im here and the character must be here right now but where?

Goku: Looking for me pal *flies down* my name is goku and i am a strong warrior

Sonic: so you were the that wan'ts to fight me since you gave me that secret note

Goku: i heard your very good and have very intense speed so common and fight me blue hedgehog i'l destroy you

Sonic: Err.... *clinches teeth i won't lose i have two powerful forms that can be very strong 

Goku: let's see your special forms in the battle i'l be happy to see them as you can see i have very strong attacks and forms

Sonic: same pal so let's begin 

Sonic: strikes at him with my speed and punches him 3 times

Goku: Punches back

Sonic: goes up in the air and lands down fast on goku

Goku: What? :O

Goku: Ah!!

Sonic: Stomps Goku and holds it

Referee: Amazing Sonic then flies into the air and stomps goku this is bad for goku

Shadow: Go Get em sonic

Vegeta: Common goku get up

Goku: Ahh! 

Goku: *talks in head* he sure is equally very good at him but how can i stop him from stomping that's it powers up and teleports

Sonic: no way where did he go? 

Goku: up here hedgehog

Sonic: Impossible

Goku: my turn flies down and kicks him

Sonic: Ah! *suffers* i cannot lose buddy 

Referee: Wow Goku does a critical hit on sic but sonic hangs in there and suffers so will he beat the intense warior goku or no

Amy: sonic noo common friend win this for us :(

Sonic: im trying amy 

Goku: Floats walking towards sonic and hits him with punches

Sonic: Bingo Strikes back to goku and goes under neath between his legs and bottoms ok now let's do this attacks him with up counter attack

Goku: AH! 

Krillin: Goku finish that loser 

Goku: don't rush me krillin im doing my best and trying

Sonic: Flies in air 

Goku: flis into air too

Sonic: uses punching combat

Goku: combats with him too

Sonic: *powers up with aura* Flies in air fast

Goku: *powers up with flame orange aura* Flies in air too

Sonic: uses close combating at goku

Goku: uses close combating as well too

Sonic: Ah! falls down and land

Goku: Ah! falls down and lands too

Referee: amazing battle check out these two it look's like there fighting equally and intense

Goku: teleports way up in air and strikes down kicking sonic down

Sonic:  Err... Suffers and stands up slowly

Sonic: Flies way up in outer space and uses special move super sonic speed

Goku: powers up to super saiyan *glowing yellow aura* flies meeting sonics attack

Referee: woah these two fighters special moves are getting equally so who will get damaged badly sonic or goku

Vegeta: hang in there goku

Tails: sonic don't give up 

Sonic and Goku: falls down hurted

Vegeta: get up goku

Tails: Stand up sonic

Goku and Sonic: *suffers and get's up very slowly* 

Referee: it can't be two of them are still alive

Goku: your pretty super tuff kid

Sonic: thanks you too pal

Goku: but still it's time to finish you

Sonic: im the one that will finish you

Goku: up combats sonic

Sonic: suffers and hangs in there 

Sonic: Breaths a few times not so bad goku

Goku: breaths a few times too your very strong for your self

Sonic: Special move Super Mega Sonic Speed *powers up ahhh!*

Goku: meets the attack and transform into super saiyan 2 *powers up yellow aura* and uses special move Kamehameha

Referee: so amazing the both of thems special move keep being equal but who will finally finish it will it be the fast hedgehog sonic or the intense warrior goku 

Sonic: tries hard and uses special mega move Ultra Super Striking Speed Attack *powers up with gold aura ahh!*

Goku: ah! *suffers and clinches teeth* gets striking down

Big Explosion and dust appears

Referee: woah incredible the stadium is wrecked by sonic and goku's ultimate battle so let's see who won

Amy Tails: Er... clinches teeth

Krillin Vegeta: Clinches teeth

Sonic: im still standing and resisting my energy pal

Goku: fainted and fell

Referee: Unbelievable the winner is sonic

Tails: Sonic won great job buddy :) *claps*

Amy: Woo Hoo you were amazing out there buddy *raises hand him up for sonic

Vegeta: This is unfair how could goku lose to some little hedgehog

Goku: :O :( Unbelievable how could i lost to him why didn't i use my full power 

Referee: our intense champion is sonic!

Sonic: wow i won it ah... falls down slowly

Amy and Tails: Sonic speak to us buddy

Sonic: tails did i win it *wakes up*

Tails: you sure did buddy you were awesome out there

Amy: congratulations sonic

Tail: lets go recover you after all in that battle you got so much bad damage

Sonic: thanks guy i appreciate it

Amy: no problem sonic :)