Hello Wikia Users, I am Pokémon Trainer XT here just to say "Hi" and that I am very exited to be contributing to Community Central and many other Wikia's.

As contributing to many Wikia's I've learned to discover new things and don't be afraid to be yourself. I recently joined Fantendo-Nintendo Fanon Wikia and I went to the Community Chat for the first time scared that I wouldn't fit in.

I sat in the chatroom, as saying nothing made me feel if I wasn't becoming part of the Wikia or as if I wasn't good enough. As I watched comments about video games go by, someone asked me a question and I didn't know what to say or do. I lied about if I knew the question or not, and someone figured out that I really didn't know. It made me feel bad and expressed how I felt about me not becoming one of them.

The Fantendo users taught me that I don't have to lie or act like one of them, they taught me to be myself and adapt to the group through the process. Right then, I knew that Fantendo-Nintendo Fanon Wikia was the perfect Wikia for me, and I'm sure that all you Wikia users will find your perfect Wikia one day and to "Be Yourself".