Just created a duplicate file on the Gate thus the jsdf fought there Wiki.  I wrote the Admin thus: 

Sorry for the duplicate pic the same image was posted by Tomtheman99 with little info here earlier.  The new Wiki controls are a bitch! and I couldn't use the existing photo, nor coud I erase the duplicate (I hope one of you admins has full Beaurocrat powers to remove inappropriate articles and pics) so I used my download in a post.

By the way if you add a pic on the admin page you have more options and can add other Copyright options.  On the Destroyermen Wiki I have artist and the Author's permissions to use their work so have to add pics from Admin. @#$%&*#!! it they totaly [F bomb]ed the the add photos program!

Many pics are being added without Leisense or Discussion and having this cripled add photo program is getting old!

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