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== poketale ==

Poke tale is a concept i think made by me i dont know if its made yet its about humans and insted of monsters such as toriel asgore sans papyrus ect is about pokemon. The plot is about frisk a human that falls down into the underground sees a sunflora its speaks :howdy im sunflora sunflora the sunflower boy you look a bit lost there buddy let me explan how everything works down here . Its not trainertale that is about all the monsters such as sans having pokemon such as a cubone.This is about all the monsters being pokemon. There is more about the characters and plot also apperance down below⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


Frisks apperence in poketale is the same as in undertale which means you get to wander the underground as a human.Papyrus apperence is a marowrak with a slightly torn light reddish scarf and a "battle body " from the reagular papyrus design from undertale.Toriel is a kind and caring gogoat with a light purple dress and fire red crown on the top of her head.Nappstablook is a shuppet with slighty purple headphones and a floating dj mixer he always carrys around with him. Alphys is a nerdy helliolisk wearing white glasses and a snowhight labcoat. Sans is a cubone who wears his well known jacket and hotpink slippers with bunny ears on them. Undyne is a tomboyish vaporeon with hotred hair and strong grey armor but can also appere in a black muscle shirt as well her spears are a aquamerine color and as sharp as a samurai's sword which is one of the sharpest thing in the world . Asgore is a gogoat with a beard made purley of green grass and yellow flowers and a purple cape with golden armor and has a trident purley mede of fire his trident is around 100,000 degrees enough too make someone history literally but with determination it will have almost no effect . Flowey is a sunflora in this universe and doesnt have much of a apperance change except flowey aka sunflora has legs that are leaves. Mettaton is a metalized gallade with hot pink boots and a hot pink body with glorious black long hair with his legs made purley out of the hardest steel she can crush a bolder instantly.Asriel is a skiddo with a light green soft sweater and little horns coverd with green soft grass and a pure sweet face. Muffet is a ariedos with cups of tea made out of poison and two dark purple bows on her hair and a dress thats color is a magenta with her army of spineraks she is a fiece foe.
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