I stare at myself from the puddle of water, scars covering my pink nose. I lay and happily purred when my mate, Tigereye stood beside me. I felt a lump of fur pile up on my flank. It was my kit, Heatherpaw. She laughed. "Hi, Pondstream!" She mewed joyfully. Her fur glimmered. "I'm officially Snowtuft's apprentice!" She squealed. I purred. "Good for you, little one." She looked into my eyes. I looked back. Her size...exactly the same as I remember. "Go along," I hurry. "Snowtuft doesn't mess around." I urged Heatherpaw to train with her mentor. She padded away, as if she was light as a feather. I smiled when Snowtuft touched noses with her. He seemed to be happy. And when my daughter licked his muzzle, I knew she would have a new generation of ThunderClan.