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    Percy Jackson

    January 30, 2013 by Poseidonb3

    In the movie "Percy Jackson and the lightning theif ",Logan Lerman stars as Percy Jackson.

    Percy Jackson is a twelve year old boy starting in "Percy Jackson and The Olympians-The Lightning Theif. In the lightning theif Percy finds out he is a demigod/halfblood he freaks out once he finds out. Percy has fought lots of monsters but his first one was the Minotaur. Percy has no idea what was going on so now he is about 16 or 17yrs old. By the way Percy has dyslexia which helps him read the greek language. Just in case your asking Percy does have pets Percy has a pegasus named Blackjack and a hellhound named Mrs.O'leary. Percy appears in these books: "Percy Jackson and the lightning theif","Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters","Percy Jackson a…

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