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Who I am

sMy Name is not of importance right now, those who know me well know my name.

I plan on making some great videos in the future. Some of the things I will do are

Minecraft gameplay, seed review, and mod reviews

Gmod gameplay, creations, trolling, add-on reviews, and tutorials.

SFM videos using Portal 1, TF2, Workshop models, and if possible my own models.

I could use support like story writers, model creators, composers (if possible), but I don't need them as of right now.

For those who pay attention to small details I will be including references to different shows, games and just random stuff on the internet.

References could include moments that are like that of a game or show, tv show music, game music, sound FX from shows and games. It could even include insignas or symbols that represent a show, game, Youtube Channels, or even certain fandoms. There will be at least 4 references in each SFM video.

I do not like haters but they do make me stronger in more ways than one. The haters will say that I like certain things because I include certain markings from those shows or games. Unless I say I take a liking to a show or game you can assume that I don't care about it.

If you have an Idea for a video email me at If I like the idea I will get back to you when I get the chance and credit you either in the video or in the description.

Ocassionaly I will have a competition in which who ever can find all the references in a video or series of videos will get a reward of somekind.

P.S I will have a number shown at the end of each video, those who know me will know what it means.

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