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Popularity: Is it as big of a deal as people make it seem?

let's say you are a wikia user with a wiki (which you probably are) and you are looking for contributors to make your wiki more popular, but wait. Is it really worth it? We'll dive into that.

In this blog I will be covering popularity this goes for popularity of a wiki, user, etc. Feel free to add your own pros and cons!

Pros of being a popular user

  • Almost everyone will recognize you

Cons of being a popular user

  • Magnet, You might become what is called a magnet
    • Basically people will follow you everywhere you go.

Pros of having a popular wiki

  • People will help it grow.
  • It'll have a community and people will add to it

Cons of having a popular wiki

  • Increase rate of trolls
    • This includes Vandals and chat trolls.

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