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  • I live in A coffin... Where else? I mean... Who doesn't...
  • My occupation is Eating grass and planting cows
  • I am Male... What am i saying! I'm a heating duct
  • Prillin101

    First, I know what your thinking: This guy is such a noob! Desperate enough to make blog about his wiki, such a noob move!

    Well, yes... I am desperate... I've had a total of I think two edits from other editors on my wiki made last year (Sounds old but it was only like 3 months ago). Well, it's about Harry Potter (Fanon and real articles). And if your interested and don't want to vandalize or troll on join today! I'm also the creator of the Alliance of Small Wiki's! A wiki based organization to help small wikis! So I have experience in making wiki's, I've made three. All have failed horribly except for the Alliance of Small Wiki's, but nonetheless, help a small wiki out! We have only like 5 or 4 articles... None are main characters (Ron, He…

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  • Prillin101

    I don't know if i was supposed to make a forum or blog, so i went with blog...

    On the book of potter wiki i gave it to the user phaeton1622 but the terms of our agreement were 'You can adopt the wiki but if i see no progress within a month, i will take back control.' So i gave him/her buerecrat rights, now since the wikis back mine i wanna take his rights away. So can one of the community wiki admins help me?

    Link to the wiki:

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  • Prillin101

    I creating a wiki and i need a helpful blog that helps you on ALL STEPS, not one, ALL! Help?

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  • Prillin101

    Book of Potter/help?

    December 17, 2011 by Prillin101

    I made this wiki called book of potter and i need some editors. It is less than a week old. It is about Harry Potter. Fanon's and real articles. So if you like harry potter please help by editing.

    Here's a link!

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