First, I know what your thinking: This guy is such a noob! Desperate enough to make blog about his wiki, such a noob move!

Well, yes... I am desperate... I've had a total of I think two edits from other editors on my wiki made last year (Sounds old but it was only like 3 months ago). Well, it's about Harry Potter (Fanon and real articles). And if your interested and don't want to vandalize or troll on join today! I'm also the creator of the Alliance of Small Wiki's! A wiki based organization to help small wikis! So I have experience in making wiki's, I've made three. All have failed horribly except for the Alliance of Small Wiki's, but nonetheless, help a small wiki out! We have only like 5 or 4 articles... None are main characters (Ron, Hermoine, or Harry).

You are also thinking after reading that paragragh: I'm totally not going to join, he is still such a noob, I'm totally going to troll this blog!

Well, first of all, if you do the last part, you get a warning or blocked off community central, obviosly. If you do the first part, then you let one of the THOUSANDS of small wiki's fail that just want to strive. Don't let this wiki fall like the others, if your interested in Harry Potter, join this wiki!

After reading this blog your either thinking these three things: 'Still going to troll and not join...' 'That was a waste of time, now I know not to read blogs that have interesting names' and 'I'm so going to join!'