• I live in Canada
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Female Feeling okay
  • PrincessHyperSkippy

    Hey all... I am Animallover1225 and now the founder of Animal and the Hepfull tip wiki.

    I go and ask for help...tho..I

    Well...yea.. I need...a lot with..deatils of

    1. How do u make links in chat?

    2: Two how do ypu change the box that says admin or moderater? "srry don't lnow what is is called?

    3.. How do you change welcome message on the chat?

    4. How do you change welcome message for your wiki?

    5: How do you change the name of the chat?

    If u tell me.. 


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  • PrincessHyperSkippy

    Hello I am Animallover1225

    They is a user who been making tons of trouble that also caused to blockd my inccotent freind. She faked bening him and keeps on getting him in trouble. So no he's block. Also she loves to troll everyone she has a lot of accounts.  And she pretendted to be admin on paw patrol fanaon wiki.The user i am talking about is Chaseisonthe case7850.

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