Introducing Spotted by Gossip Girl Wiki.
Hello hello! <3 Once again I'm here to tell you a little about my wiki, this time, it's the Gossip Girl Wiki.

We have some things that no other fansite for Gossip Girl has. You may be asking:

You: Omgeee is this really true?

Me: Mwahaha yes ;)

Weekly Gossip Girl Blasts
Exclusively on Gossip Girl Wiki.

And that's not all, this May, we're launching weekly NYSpectator blasts, featuring S by S!

Ny spectator

H spotted

Spotted: S and D grabbing lunch together. B also happened to be there and saw the whole thing. Are some old feelings between the two lovebirds coming back? Hmm.. C taking Monkey for a walk, he seems to be a little on edge this morning. Something wrong C? Meanwhile, N on the other side of town far from everyone else. Working on the Spectator? Meeting some big names? Doing some digging? Maybe he's with Vanessa again? We hear she's back in town. Yessss. Things were getting a little dull around here.

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