​​Helena Baratheon

Princess Helena Baratheon is the eldest daughter of King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister. She is in fact their only trueborn child, as her mother's children are products of incest between her and her twin brother Ser Jaimie Lannister. Her mother also had a daughter with Lord Eddard Stark whom was raised in the castle, unaware of her true father. Helena also have varios bastard paternal half siblings around Westeros, some notable ones being, Mya Stone, Gendry, Edric Storm, and Bella. Helena is the maternal half sister of Joffrey, Cara, Myrcella and Tommen.


Helena is very clever, sarcastic, ladylike, brave, headstrong, blunt and has a bitter sense of humor. She has a habit of saying things exactly how she sees them without sugar coating things. She can be downright cold when she is angry. She has a hard time trusting people and opening up to them. She is hard to win over with love. She has a strained relationship with her father. She isn't close to her father due to her disdain for his whoring and being unfaithful to her mother, but she does care for him on some levels. She also grew to resent him even more when he forced her to marry Robb Stark, the heir to Winterfell. She has an on and off relationship with her mother Cersei. She doesn't like that her mother won't let her meet her bastard paternal half siblings, and has grown hateful towards her since she found out it was her that arranged her father's death. She does however appreciate that she spoke out against sending her to Winterfell to wed Robb Stark against her will.

Quotes by Helena

"I will not marry that brute. I don't care what you say father. I'm not going north." -Helena to her father

"What? You think just because I don't have that worm between my legs that I am not worthy of ruling? Women are just as good as men, if not better." -Helena to her brother Joffrey

"I won't say the words. He can embarass himself just fine on his own." -Helena's thoughts

"Will you stop your humming? I'm trying to read." -Helena to her sister Cara

"You can sweeten it all you want, as you always do, but it is what it is, Cara. They are bastards. I wish I could meet them all believe me, someday I will, even if mother doesn't want me to. Don't be a snitch and tell, alright?" -Helena to her sister Cara.


Helena is traditionally one of the most beautiful girls in the seven kingdoms, if not the most. She takes after her father's family, the Baratheon's and has beautiful dark brown hair that is mistaken for black, and bright turquoise eyes, a mix of Baratheon blue and Lannister green. She has pale white skin that has been described as creamy and soft by her sister in law, Sansa Stark. She has high cheekbones and a squared jawline. She is also thought to be so lovely that the torches around her burn brighter as she passes by her other sister in law, Arya Stark. Lot's of noblemen and lowborn men alike have tried to win her favor by favoring her with flowers and romantic love letters, but none have caught her heart. She has a slender figure, with small curves and small breasts like her mother's. Her fingers are said to be long and feminine. 


  • Father:Robert Baratheon
  • Mother:Cersei Lannister
  • Husband:Robb Stark
  • Daughter:Sophia Stark
  • Maternal half brother/cousin:Joffrey
  • Maternal half sister:Cara
  • Maternal half sister/cousin:Myrcella
  • Maternal half brother/cousin:Tommen
  • Paternal half brother:Gendry
  • Paternal half sister:Bella
  • Paternal half sister:Mya Stone
  • Paternal half brother:Edric Storm
  • Paternal grandfather:Steffon Baratheon
  • Paternal grandmother:Cassana Estermont
  • Maternal grandfather:Tywin Lannister
  • Maternal grandmother:Joanna Lannister
  • Paternal uncle:Stannis Baratheon
  • Paternal uncle:Renly Baratheon
  • Maternal uncle:Jaimie Lannister
  • Maternal uncle:Tyrion Lannister
  • Paternal cousin:Shireen Baratheon
  • Father-in-law:Eddard Stark
  • Mother-in-law:Catelyn Tully
  • Sister-in-law:Sansa Stark
  • Sister-in-law:Arya Stark
  • Brother-in-law:Brandon Stark
  • Brother-in-law:Rickon Stark


Relationship with Robb Stark:When Helena first arrived at Winterfell to marry Robb Stark against her will, she was rather unpleasant to him, thinking him a fool who only rambled about winter and honor. She thought he was handsome, but that was all. After their marriage on their wedding night, she refused to sleep with him, which her new husband respected, much to her relief. As they got to know each other, she started to fall in love with him, and he with her. They eventually concieved their first child together, Princess Sophia Stark on 299 AC at Winterfell. However, after Robb discovered that his father was beheaded for treason at the command of his wife's brother, Joffrey Baratheon, their relationship became strained, and he was forced to keep her hostage, to ensure his sister, Sansa Stark's safety as a hostage in King's Landing. Their daughter was born that year in King's Landing though, since Helena left Winterfell devasted after her husband and mother-in-law Catelyn Tully were brutally slaughtered at the Twins located in Riverrun, which was carried out by Lord Walder Frey and unbeknownst to her orchestrated by her own grandfather, Tywin Lannister. She was extremely devasted with Robb's death, as she had come to love him deeply.

Relationship with Joffrey Baratheon:Joffrey is Helena's younger half brother. They don't get along very well because Helena is quick to call her brother out when he is being cruel, and he sees her as a threat to the iron throne. She still cares for him despite his sadistic nature, and he seems to care for her as well.

Relationship with Cara Baratheon:Cara is Helena's younger half sister. They get along well most of the time, but sometimes they clash because Cara is very optimistic, cheerful, open-minded and goofy, which is the polar opposite of her sister. They still care about each other a great deal.

Relationship with Myrcella Baratheon:Myrcella is Helena's younger half sister. Helena loves her the most out of her siblings, because she finds her easy to deal with. She comforts Myrcella when she gets nightmares. Myrcella is kind, clever, brave, selfless, gentle-hearted and humble. 


  • Currently:Alive
  • Highborn 


284 AC at King's Landing

Quotes about Helena

"She's beautiful. And she's to be my wife. I'll protect her with my life, on my honor as a Stark I swear it." -Robb Stark's thoughts

"She's so lovely the torches seem to burn brighter when she's in their presence."-Arya Stark's thoughts 

"I wish she'd just try to see the good side of things instead of finding the negative. The Starks are good people and Winterfell won't be as bad as she thinks."-Cara Baratheon's thoughts

"My daughter. She's up in that grey waste, in danger because of her stupid father. I'll retrive her. Oh gods please keep my daughter safe."-Cersei Lannister's thoughts

"You're quite the beauty aren't you? I'd give anything to have you in my bed for a night."-Lord Glover to Helena Baratheon

"I love you big sister, always."-Myrcella Baratheon to her sister Helena

"You're defiant. I like that in a woman."-Theon Greyjoy to Helena Baratheon

"I will love you with all my heart, my princess."-Robb Stark to Helena Baratheon

Titles and Alias

  • Crown Princess of the seven kingdoms (by everyone)
  • Her grace (by everyone)
  • Princess (by everyone)
  • Queen in the North (by northerners when her husband Robb was declared King in the North)
  • Lady of Winterfell (By northerners after she married Robb who was heir to Winterfell before his father's death)
  • Len (by her sister Cara)
  • Lena (by her family)