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User blog:Halfway to Hunter/My thoughts of Black Butler OVA: Book of Murder


My thoughts of Black Butler OVA: Book of Murder

Over view.

Okay, do I really need to mention this? I have to anyway, because Ciel is giving me the stink eye...*sigh*


Spoiler warning!!!!


Okay, so we start out with a meating between the queens two NEW butlers (Ash died, remember. The crazy angel who could only make the face a mother could love) whos name I have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN, giving our favorite character Ciel Phantomhive (did I spell that right? I don't think I did.) a letter or a report from the queen. She was appearantly DISAPOINTED (Well, thats a new one.) with Ciels efforts/result of the Book Of Curcius asignment she gave him. He got a C-, and now the queen wants him to regain his trust. (funny. We don't start out with Ciel murdering someone, like he did in Season 1 and Book of Curcius.) Appeartnly a German is comming to town to do something, and is a close friend/releative of the Queen. She wants Ciel to throw him a little welcoming party. After that SWEET intro (I was jamming out.) we see Ciel sent out invites to other people. One of them is our mane chacater Aurther, who has NO CLUE why he got a invite to such a fancy party, since he isn't famous. (Ciel liked the book he wrote. SUPRISE SUPRISE.)

A ship maker, diamond dealer, opra singer and her director husband, and I think another guy, where also invited. During the party, the German dude gets drunk and starts trying to make advances on the Opra singer, who slapps him for not being a man. He then gets angry, and is about to smash a wine bottle over her head, BUT THE HEROIC CIEL GETS DRENCHED IN WINE INSTEAD OF THE OPRA SINGER. THREE CHEARS FOR CIEL. ;p

After the drunk dude decides he needs a nap, everyone gets shown a room. (Sorry, to lazy to write any more. I'll finish it later. Go watch Book of Murder, would ya?)

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