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    [L.O.Z = Legend Of Zelda]

    Hello and welcome. This is about the L.O.Z fan characters wiki. When I say fan characters I mean like different bosses, small enemies, or OC's (original Characters). You can even put new weapons or places. You can discuss Zelda game ideas, what Zelda game was your favorite, or what Zelda game was your least favorite.

    This is a place for creative Legend Of Zelda lovers.

    I made this because I had Ideas and knew that I wasn't the only one who did. I am inexperienced and have a long way to go, but I want to go that long way with others.

    Since I'm inexperienced don't expect much. Feel free to ask questions.

    I think we could even create a name for the Zelda fan community (if you want).

    This was made by a person for the peopleā€¦

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