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    Why does Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller(Wesker) make a good team?

    This is why:

    So Sherry Birkin is 26 and Jake is 20. For Shake fans, they believe that 'age doesn't matter'. (I'm a huge fan of Jake and Sherry) And we wanted them to be together, actually it's too obvious that they have feelings for each other. They just don't put it to the next level despite of their mission to save the world.

    Stick to the topic, they make a good team because they have a lot of similarities, therefore a lot of differences.

    [First], Their fathers are great friends before, 'team mates' as well, but we didn't liked the ending of William and Albert. Somehow we wanted our Super girl and Wesker jr. both make it until the end. (What I mean is they'll still work together as…

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