Why I Publicize Things

I publicize things because I believe that if something’s good people should know about it. If I think that if your blog post speaks the truth or is laugh out loud funny I’ll publicize it. I think everyone deserves some recognition.

How To Get Me To Publicize Your                                               


To get me to publicize your stuff first tell me what you want publicized. It can be a wiki, a blog or even your profile if you want to be better known. If I say ok send me a link to what you want publicized. Next I’ll blog about it then do some publicity magic. If I think some of yours is good and I want to publicize it I’ll leave you a message asking for your okay.

      What I Like To Publicize




              A.V.4Life’s blogs

              Truthful Blogs

               Conspiracy Blogs

               Funny Blogs


            Fan Fiction Wikis

            Role Playing Wikis

            TV Show Wikis