aka The Channel 42 reporter

  • I live in Space Channel 5, Spagonia, Temple Trouble,Space Park, Emerald Coast, windy valley, bikini bottom, n-sanity island, house of dead, jet set radio,eastern venus, total drama islands and action
  • My occupation is a Pastry chef, Being the next ch 42 reporter, out dancing the morolians, playing with cream the rabbit and big the cat, beings sonic best freind, training for Pine's Eastern venus space police
  • I am Male Morolian, Male hedgehog, male version of Pudding
  • PuddingCh42

    i was thinking, for example if you wanna know when a user has just entered the wiki, or left the wiki it should show im on the lefft side of the wikia or wiki screen, when a user has entered the wikia or wiki or left!, it would be quite easy for admins to see what user are on. comment please!

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  • PuddingCh42

    i have a roleplay caled total gaming island,,its kinda like total drama island

    i have wroteover 35 pages on the sonic fanon wiki about it

    and these are the people who have not being voted off so far

    The crazy dragonflies

    • Pudding       
    • Cubot     
    • Tag    
    • Danica Patrick     

    The dancing morolians

    • Knuckles        
    • Gum      
    • Spyro     
    • Orbot     
    • SpyroSonic2000  

    The super hedgehogs

    • Sonic          
    • Ulala       
    • Meemee       
    • Red Puyo       

    Silly Sailors

    • Big        
    • Cream   
    • Crash    
    • Style    

    Crystal Bandicoots

    • Metal Sonic 
    • Venelopy   
    • Peach       
    • Dylan the Hawk    

    who do you think will win, leave a comment  

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  • PuddingCh42

    alot of people are hating me now, on all of the wikis i go to what have i done wrong, do u hate me!, please be honest

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  • PuddingCh42


    September 21, 2012 by PuddingCh42

    chu chu ready to fire chu chu chu

    stay tuned

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