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My roleplay total gaming island

i have a roleplay caled total gaming island,,its kinda like total drama island

i have wroteover 35 pages on the sonic fanon wiki about it

and these are the people who have not being voted off so far

The crazy dragonflies

  • Pudding       
  • Cubot     
  • Tag    
  • Danica Patrick     

The dancing morolians

  • Knuckles        
  • Gum      
  • Spyro     
  • Orbot     
  • SpyroSonic2000  

The super hedgehogs

  • Sonic          
  • Ulala       
  • Meemee       
  • Red Puyo       

Silly Sailors

  • Big        
  • Cream   
  • Crash    
  • Style    

Crystal Bandicoots

  • Metal Sonic 
  • Venelopy   
  • Peach       
  • Dylan the Hawk    

who do you think will win, leave a comment  

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