Attention to most of the young girls out there! If you are the Reverse-Harem and Shoujo Genre lover then you will surely love this game! Sometimes, we find ourselves getting jealous over those heroines on animes or mangas and we find ourselves wishing we were on the same situation. Especially, if the real life is not giving us enough romance! (I'm kidding.) Why, here's a game for you! 

Midnight Cinderella is an otome game by Cybrid Co. Ltd.  where each and every part of it makes you yearn more for both the game and the stories themselves. Each of your chosen suitors gives you the feeling of love plus the plot twists and surprises is sure to keep you on your toes! 

Visit the Midnight Cinderella Wiki to learn more and to also see the trailer. This app is currently avaliable on Android, iOs and Kindle Fire.