This blog contains the opinions and experiences of an individual who has spent a majority of not only her time on FANDOM, but also her life, reading people in general. Some of her views might not agree with yours. Please bear that in mind, as if you comment as such, you will be expected to back up your statements.

As some of you might already know, I became administrator here on Community Central approximately eight months ago. While I may have had some lapses in judgment here and there for certain, as well as some definite absences due to real life obligations, I truly feel I have learned a lot- and will continue to do so. However, there are some topics I do wish to address, especially since some new users tend to be a bit intimidated by those with a shiny star when they initially join. I know this because I was one of them.

What An Admin Is Not

An administrator of a Wiki is not necessarily a tyrant, although after some people get blocked unfairly, they might view them as such. In most cases, admins in general tend to be rather well-rounded, which is typically why they ended up with rights in the first place. An admin is not always "out to get somebody". Some users tend to believe that a certain person is simply focused on getting them blocked.
As somebody who has a pretty busy life- having a boyfriend, an upcoming internship, several writing projects including her novel, a social life, and logging in here amongst other sites I am a part of to ease my stresses- I honestly do not have the time nor desire to target one person who probably slightly irks me to the extent I want them banned or blocked. That is a significant piece I think many individuals forget.

Why I Personally Focus On Being Lenient

Some comments have been made regarding the amount of time I ban or block somebody for, usually observing that it could be longer. True, I could ban that new user who flooded chat for three days because nobody was around or whatnot. Thing is, I will not.
I believe many users forget that they were once new and just as lost (if not more) when they first joined. When I first joined FANDOM in May 2012, it took me approximately three months to fully navigate myself around my home Wiki and find the rules aside from having to join the chat. We all were lost at one point.
Plus, assuming good faith has always been a huge piece of how I admin and how I will continue to admin. It is extremely easy to say "oh, that user is being a troll" without looking deep into the reason as to why said individual might be behaving in the way they currently are.

In Conclusion

  • Administrators are not trying to ruin your life.
    • If you've been blocked in a manner you deem unfair, try to understand where your blocker was coming from. You might be set on your way of things, but the key to realization is noticing your differences.
  • Everybody has struggled on FANDOM, one way or another.
  • Assuming good faith is important.