I am writing this blog off of three hours of sleep.. Hi guys! Today, I wanted to discuss how to change your agenda, and I honestly debated between developing this blog or not. Mostly because while people are beings of habit, change is extremely fundamental in the process of growing up. I've already touched on a few topics like this, like contribution and legacy in particular, but I wanted to go over the generalization.

What Is Your Agenda?

When people join a website like Fandom, they typically have an intended purpose in mind. For example, when I joined Fandom in May 2012, I was essentially running away from a couple of problems in my real life. As a child, I had found that I better coped with my emotional pain when I left it aside and helped out other people. I had known about the existence of Fandom, but never really joined until I was almost 15. My agenda, as I would call it, was essentially out of self-interest. As time went on, however, it gradually began to change.

How To Change

Change tends to occur without somebody realizing they are, but in some cases, the change occurs because somebody has realized they do not like a certain aspect of themselves, and seek to change it. In some cases, this could be beneficial to the Wiki community that knows the given person in a certain way. For example, somebody could be a major drama magnet, and when they realize that such a thing is a problem, they actively try to find ways to prioritize.
I am a full believer in that anybody can do a full 180 degree change in who they are. Obviously, I would not recommend doing so if it harms the person in any form, because change is not supposed to be forced and pushed beyond limitations. It should be gradual, at the very least, and a work-in-progress. People tend to need time for this.

Why Change Then?

If change was easy, most definitely everybody would do it. So why am I writing this blog post?
Because for some users, it is believed that they are a lost cause. They're either too dramatic or they're too harsh or they're too blunt or they simply have an aura of negativity not too many people are particularly found of. Truth be told, you cannot change other people. You can guide them, you can try to show them the way you think they need to go, but the honest reality is that you cannot walk somebody else's path for them. Change must be willing.

In Conclusion

  • Don't compromise yourself for other people. People will eventually find their own way; it just might take time. That's okay.