Hi guys! So, lately, I've been receiving a lot of compliments about my blogs (thanks!), but I've also been receiving a fair amount of questions regarding how I write them, as well. As I have the topic on my mind- it hasn't gone away in the last three hours- I figured I would go ahead and explain the process of blog writing, as well as the guidelines that ought to be followed in Community Central.

Find a Relatable Topic

I will be 100% honest here: a ton of my blogs have originally started off as rants in my head. If somebody says something on chat that I disagree with, I take time to let the idea simmer down before transforming it into a blog. In about an hour or two, the idea will have already developed into a few ways that could benefit the Fandom community. I suppose one could say that I turn things that irritate or bother me into blogs that could easily become of use to other users who need it. However, I do my best to keep the blogs relatable to everybody- very rarely will you see me apply a blog to a small group of users.
I ought to mention that you should not dwell when you receive a blog idea.
I am extremely guilty of waiting too long before writing down an idea for a blog, which is not too wise. I tend to push it off otherwise, and so whenever there's a topic in particular that I'm rather passionate about, I take the opportunity to write before the motivation fades.

Have a Purpose

I like to have my blogs leave others to think and wonder. I don't like stating something solid that annoys me, because most people do not respond to demands and anger very well. I like to have my blogs open up the minds of my readers on Fandom, and have them question things for themselves. If you are wanting to write a blog simply to get something off your chest, I personally believe you are using blogs for the wrong reasons. However, in the event you've turned something bothersome into something anybody can understand, then I am all for that!

Follow the Guidelines

Bear in mind that this is the Central hub for all of Fandom, and that in the event that you write a blog, you ought to be cautious with what you say and how you say it. For example, saying something like "chat is so dumb" is way different than "I disagree with the general guidelines of chat and here's why.". Again, many people will not read your blog, chances are, if you choose to approach with anger and harshness. Remember the guidelines.

Is My Topic Okay?

So, some people have asked me if a specific topic for blog discussion is okay. Granted, I will answer on a case-by-case basis, but I would like to outline in questions what constitutes as a good topic and what topic should be reconsidered. If your answer to every question is yes, go right on ahead.
  • Does it follow guidelines?
  • Does the blog serve as beneficial for anybody else besides the writer?
  • Is anybody going to consider your blog helpful?
  • Can everybody relate to your blog?
  • Is there a possibility that a friendly discussion can emerge from your blog writing?

In Conclusion

  • Blogging is not hard, but motivating yourself is if you lose the passion.
  • You don't have to blog to be helpful.