Hi guys! I know I've discussed several different topics, such as internet safety (COPPA), a couple how-to guides, and I've also touched upon assuming good faith as well as Fandom legacies. However, I've never really gotten into more concrete topics, such as how to evaluate trouble in your community while maintaining a fair atmosphere. So that will be the primary focus of today's blog.

What Is Trouble?

Many users tend to freak out at the slightest inkling that somebody might be a vandal simply because they made a questionable edit. Now, while I realize that clearing pages or inserting gibberish constantly is indeed grounds to consider a particular user a bad-faith editor, the title has been pushed onto users who are merely trying to help, but are not doing to appropriate to community standards. Terms such as "troll" or, my least favorite, "mini mod" are also being blown out of proportion, in my honest opinion. I'm not going to be discussing this section in depth, as my previous blog (Assuming Good Faith) has the basis regarding that- I'm writing about the users in particular who seem to enjoy drama and raining on everybody else in a specific community, and how the situation ought to be dealt with.

Defining Troublesome Users

Now, we all have somebody in the community who might not necessarily be a bad faith editor, or even a troll or vandal. Even so, they seem to carry this dark cloud around them, where drama tends to bring down the atmosphere around them. I've encountered several of these individuals on my time on Wikia- I used to be one, truth be told. However, I've found that these users are rather toxic, and they tend to surround themselves with self-pity as well as anger if somebody provokes them. These are not the kind of users I would welcome to my Wiki, in all honesty. But what about those that are already there?

Be The Sunshine!

Alright, I honestly could not think of a better title for this section, so forgive the cheesiness.
However, when you're dealing with a user who likes to dwell in their own drama, the best way to approach them is to do so politely. I've found in years' past that accusing a user of being a dweller is probably the number one way to get yourself tuned out by them: fighting fire with fire does not go well. As somebody who is extremely passionate about the psychology of people, I sometimes find myself in situations where I might not be the ideal person to confront others in this regard. Which is why it is perfectly okay to have somebody else who is far more level-headed discuss the user's behavior with them.

We Are Not Therapists

Now, I tend to take on more problems than I can solve by discussing reality with other users. That is one-hundred percent my choice, but the one thing everybody needs to understand is nobody (as far as I know) is a PhD certified therapist/counselor/person. Nobody can solve your problems except for you, and nobody should be expected to. The reason why we have the battles in life we have, in my opinion, is because some ounce of fate assumes we're ready for the challenge. I live by the belief that any problem can be solved in different ways.
Throwing every ounce of pain onto somebody is not one of those ways. Please bear in mind that if you're ever being confronted by somebody for negativity, you're not being personally-attacked. Chances are, the community does want you to be happy, but everybody has their own baggage to carry.

In Conclusion

  • Don't play a victim: you can change your future at any time.
  • Wikians are not therapists. We will be friends to you, but we cannot help you beyond that.
  • Fighting fire with fire is a bad idea.