Alright, so I've been rather silent when it comes to the topic of dating on Fandom, as it has been addressed as an issue (the solution being that nobody seeks people out in chat as per the new guidelines). However, upon immense reflection, I've decided to write this blog as a semi-sequel to the COPPA blog I wrote yesterday. As with that, I expect there to be a major discussion..

What Is Dating?

Dating is essentially testing the waters for a future with somebody, as I like to put it. Personally, I do not waste my time dating somebody if I do not envision a future with them, because I'm not particularly a fan of that whole break-up / emotional unsteadiness aftermath if it isn't meant to work out from the start. Why am I explaining this? Because I've come to realize that many users on Fandom tend to utilize the social networking aspects in order to find their "true love".
I'm going to be honest, here. Chances of that working out are extremely slim. For multiple reasons, which I will be addressing shortly.

The Hard Truth

I'm going to be extremely real: I dated a dude in high school for approximately a year. We were inseparable, and we had already envisioned our future together. I was 15 when we began dating- around the same age most users on Fandom participate in social activities, dating being one. However, time changes people. The both of us drifted apart and eventually broke up, but I was devastated.
Now, understand that I am not attempting to demean any form of online relationships, as I have dated a couple of people online, but quickly ended them. I am somebody who needs physical comfort- such as hugs- in order to feel a closer connection to another individual. If they are not in real life, as I've learned, then I don't wish to wait the unknown amount of time to meet them. And while I accept the fact that some relationships starting at age 15-16 do work out, very few of them are online to begin with.

Compromising Safety

Another concern many people have is when meeting other individuals online- the safety debate is major. Not many people take the time to video chat the people they're meeting (and even that can be faked nowadays), and when they find themselves in a tough situation.. needless to say, it does not end well. Granted, I will be writing a blog later on about being safe on Fandom, but for now, I'm going to stick to the dating aspect of this blog.

In Conclusion

  • Dating on Fandom is unwise, as it will likely not work out, plus there is some safety concern involved. Oh, and there's the whole thing that this isn't what Fandom was made for.

As A Side Note

I realize this blog might end up being controversial. Don't make an argument, if you choose to debate, that you are not prepared to back up with facts (and no, personal experiences don't count). Also, no flaming and none of that whole "omg ur so meen pls date me tho xd xd" stuff, thank you.