Hello everybody. Unfortunately, this is going to be a blog based off of a rant, so forgive me (actually don't because I hold zero apology) if my words seem harsh. But lately, there's been a vast majority of chat users who have been, in my opinion, not using chat properly and you can't really be banned for annoying other users. So, I'll just put my pet peeves in this blog and try to put a positive spin on it! So without further ado...

What Not to Do

Inside Jokes

Literally nobody but you and your friends will understand an inside joke. Take it to a group PM or group messager thing or whatever, because personally, I don't really care to see "omg that story tho" or "dude ur so funny" without any context in the main chat. Quite frankly, it's disrupting to me and the other users who might not fully understand it either.

"Being Mean" vs Honesty

Now, I know I tend to come off as a rude person 98% of the time (mostly because I choose to and I really don't mind how others see me). However, I say things as honestly as I possibly can. Mostly because I grew up in a very taxing and tough environment, and that has shaped a few of my life views. I will speak my honest opinion- it might come off as harsh- but do not say I'm a mean person just because you don't like it.

Drama - Trolls

If you're gonna respond to trolls, then make sure you can actually handle the backlash. Trolls will stop at nothing to gain a reaction from you, so if you give them that, you've already lost the game. Otherwise, keep silent until a moderator arrives to deal with the disturbance. Seriously, I'll probably just chuckle if you get yourself involved and are incapable of dealing with it.

Narrating Your Life

I really, really do not care about hearing the activity you're going to do every ten seconds. I honestly don't. If you're gonna announce your life in chat, please, for the love of Skorm, make it something interesting. Not the fact that you're about to eat the last cookie your 87 year old grandma made for you. Because quite frankly, I can go my whole life without knowing that.

Pity Party

I had a bad life too. I don't use it to break the rules in chat constantly. Some people in chat seem to enjoy throwing a pity party for themselves and dwelling in their sadness. I don't particularly care for seeing it. I'm not saying "grow up and deal with it" but I'm saying "deal with it without dragging down the atmosphere".

What To Do

  • Remember that chatting is fun and all, but so is following the rules.
  • Be mindful of what the moderators/admins/other peeps say.
  • Don't get banned. It ain't a pretty sight.

..and that's about all I can think of for now. :P