Hi guys! Tonight, I wanted to go over a topic I haven't really discussed, as it isn't typically my area of expertise. However, there's been a couple of things lately that I've been immensely thinking about, and so I figured I would go over those ideas, and they are about the difference between a leader and an admin.

What Is An Admin?

I know I already touched on what makes a good admin in a previous blog post, but I wanted to reiterate for the sake of this post. Essentially, an administrator of a Wiki is an individual who has received rights to block and promote users, amongst other things. They are known to participate in vandalism clean-up, as well as nurturing the Wiki growth.

What Is A Leader?

Truth be told, I do not believe all administrators to be leaders. The reason why is because some administrators are rather unfair when it comes to their dealings of a Wiki. Although their behavior might not necessarily be against the Terms of Use here on Fandom, their actions might not be endorsed by other of their fellow users. A true leader, in my personal opinion, is somebody who leads by example. They participate in all forms of contribution, as well as bear in mind the possibilities of growth for the Wiki and its users. A leader does not rule with an iron fist, but rather inspires others to stand with them through cautious thought and their actions.

Blurred Lines

There are some situations where the lines between an administrator and a leader might grow fuzzy, in all honesty. Sometimes, there is never a right or wrong decision- it might as well be the lesser of two evils. Even though users might believe there is a better solution, it is up to the administrator to ensure a Wiki's prosperity by enhancing the decent reasoning. Although some decisions are really bad, others aren't as bad, and it is up to an admin to understand that.

In Conclusion

  • Not all administrators can be classified as leaders. It all depends on their behavior and desires for the community.
  • People who aren't admins are able to be leaders, as well. Anybody can be a leader.