Hi everybody!
Today, I wanted to bring up a topic that's been mentioned in passing in the Central chat-room- primarily because upon reflection, I think there's something that needs to be said. The topic is Loyalties to a Wiki versus Loyalties to Friends. I will be addressing in this blog the difference between serving as a friend and serving as a moderator/admin.. etc.
Every chat-room on every Wiki I've ever been on since May 2012 has always had some conflict, whether it be an admin war or a conspiracy to demote a certain mod.. honestly, I think I've seen it all. However, there's something that always comes up in these situations, and it is the deciding factor that makes or breaks many communities: the friendships involved.
I personally have never been a moderator or admin of any Wiki, primarily because my loyalties typically rest with my emotions and friends on a certain matter- which isn't always widely accepted by those who are pushing for a professional community. Why does that not make me a good candidate for moderatorship and more? After all, I bet some of you know some moderators/admins who have friends- which is perfectly acceptable. I'm not saying that you all should sever ties with your friends because of that. But, I say: be cautious.
Loyalty to a single Wiki is different than being loyal to your friends. For example, if you end up having to ban a friend for doing something truly negative to another user, then you clearly realize that the Wiki's well-being is important. Your friend might be mad at you, but at the end of the day, true friends will accept that they're wrong (and politely call their friends out on stuff they do that's not at all good for them).
The thing is, if you make a commitment to a community in the form of a moderator or admin, that community is entrusting you to maintain and uphold the rules they set. If you choose a friend above that, then that trust could potentially be lost. I've seen many communities (even off-Wiki!) fall because many people chose a friend over their commitments.
So, know your commitments and responsibilities, and remember that the truest of friends will support you when you're right, and call you out when you're wrong.
I realize some points, if not all, I've brought up will be foundation for debate and discussion. If you would like to object, feel free to comment below, but do not flame or bash anybody for their opinion.
Thanks all. <3