Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a subject that might be deemed controversial, primarily because as many of you know, chat is my specialty and typical blog focus. However, I feel as if this blog needs to be written because mini-modding has become a major issue lately.

What Is Mini-Modding?

Mini-modding is a term you will see me use rarely, for a simple reason: I find it downright offensive when it's used out of context. I've been called a mini-mod simply for stating an opinion that happens to match that of most moderators, for example. However, what is mini-modding actually? Mini-modding is where you are constantly taking the opportunity to be a moderator- when you have no jurisdiction to do so.

Moderators vs. Members

I get it. Some people here tend to feel rather entitled to take on the role of a moderator when they are not one, primarily because they think they deserve the rights, or because they've been here longer. Either way, moderators should not be treated as if their opinion means nothing, because logic states, they are a moderator for a reason. Staff have always hand-picked their moderators here on Central. Yet there are people who continue to question the judgments of moderators and the rules.

How to Help

So, the question is this: how can we make the jobs of the moderators here on Central easier instead?
For starters, don't constantly ping moderators in the Chat. A couple of pings is quite alright, but if a moderator has not responded after around five minutes, the possibility is there that said moderator is away from the computer or busy. At this point, I would highly recommend waiting it out, because if another moderator joins, the messages of regular users freaking out will not bring a swearing or harassing user to justice- maybe not even a spammer- because they'll clog up the chat.
Next, do not feed the trolls. Moderators will likely grow annoyed if you evidently show that you are frustrated with people messing about in chat. They're already working on it, and if they see regular users flipping out about the trolls, their frustrations might only rise.
Lastly, listen to the moderators when they warn you- they are not out there to personally pick at you, but rather emphasize that you need to listen to the rules. Many people take their warnings personally- an unwise and rather unintelligent move.

In Conclusion

  • Listen to the moderators and don't clog chat if there's a troll or harassing user.
  • Be mindful of what you are told.