Hi guys! This is my first blog as an admin, and I wanted to touch upon some of the things I've experienced thus far: today's topic will be moreso focused on Chat. I will be discussing the philosophy of bans, as well as my own policies.

About Central

So, many of us by now already know the Community Central Chat Guidelines, which have recently been revamped. Some users might argue that the newer guidelines (which essentially state that off-topic discussion is no longer allowed), are too harsh. I would like to remind everybody to think for a second about Central in particular: we are a help Wiki designed as a community center for anything Wikia-related. We are not meant to be a social Wiki for extremely-off-topic discussion.

Why Ban?

Some users tend to take their behavior to extreme levels in Chat- they might not necessarily be trolls or spammers, but they have an opinion about something that heavily disrupts Chat. While in most cases, having an opinion about the rules is perfectly okay, it is less acceptable for the users to be bashing on others, outright ignoring moderator/admin wishes, and disrupting the general mood of chat. Of course, if you have a problem with the way chat is run, contacting Staff is a good way to give your feedback. However, some bans tend to be set in place because people are unable to express their thoughts without attacking others or moving on when a new topic is requested.


Personally, I do not take any sort of enjoyment in banning other users for misbehaving in Chat. In fact, I would rather not have to ban anybody at all, primarily because it adds a negative connotation to the username, as well as the fact that it disrupts the chat atmosphere. Even though I will readily welcome back any banned user following their ban, I think that we all can benefit from taking a moment to understand each-other. After all, there are always more sides to the story than we realize.

In Conclusion

  • No moderator/admin wants to ban people- we just want the best for the Chat.
  • Kindness and communication go hand-in-hand!