Hi guys. For those of you who don't know already, I have a friend in my real life who succeeded in taking her life. Note that this blog is not written out of desire for pity or sympathy, but a desire to change others' lives.

I know I usually come off as a very difficult person. I'm angry 98% of the time and I try to conceal my feelings from others. But lately, I've come to a crossroads because of what happened to my friend. I'd already been debating this for a long time, but I've decided that I want to help people in lieu of shutting them out.
Which is why I'm writing this blog to state a few points.
If you are in an immediate crisis, call a hotline or something of that regard. I am not a legal therapist, and will be unable to help you.
However, I am always here for any of you guys if you need to get something off your chest. I legitimately do not care if we have a history- in case anybody hasn't noticed, I don't block PM's for this reason. I don't like turning down communication in case somebody wishes to talk.
I just ask that you guys remember how important you are to this world. You each are valuable individuals in your own way. Please don't forget that.