Hi guys! Two blogs in one day, eh? Anyway, this blog post will be focusing on how to request an unblock from another Wiki through the message wall of Community Central.

What Gets You Blocked?

Many people end up blocked for a justified reason on a specified Wiki, whether it be because of excessive edit warring, vandalism, or simple trolling. In addition to that, 98% of the admins I have encountered- which I have addressed in my previous blog here- are not as evil and cruel as the blocked users portray them to be. Now, that being said, there are some people who have been banned for no good reason. Community Central is a good place to request an admin to block you, but there is a certain way of going about it.

You're Blocked? What Now?

Lots of people who are blocked often do not realize that they have been blocked for a likely reason. Now, that being said, some are unfairly blocked, and like I stated, Central is a decent place to address such a situation. However, some members tend to rush to this Wiki and write demeaning messages to an admin. I would like to emphasize that this behavior is extremely unwise.
With the aid of Loygansono55, this demonstration has been created for the sole purpose of giving the impression of the correct way and the wrong way to go about messaging an administrator about your block.

The Wrong Way


The Right Way


What Did You Notice?

You've likely have noticed that in the "wrong way", the said admin was unwilling to unblock the given user. In some cases, that user might actually have their block extended for threats of false reporting, although most Wiki admins choose not to go that route. Even so, there are risks and consequences for every action you make.
Let's look at the "right way"- because the said user was fairly polite and emphasized appreciation for the listener, the admin was far more receptive and eager to allow them back into the community.

In Conclusion

Everything has a cause and an effect, but it is up to you in how you choose to react.