Hi guys! Today, I wanted to go over a less "concrete" subject for this blog. I will be discussing the moralities of a Wikian, essentially the moral compass. Most of this blog will be surrounding community interactions, as well as my personal experiences.

What Is A Moral Compass?

A moral compass is a tool that everybody on this planet possesses. Some people tend to utilize the darker side of their moral compass, which emphasizes their desire to cause havoc or inflict trouble upon others. Many of the individuals I tend to encounter, however, desire peace for their communities, but they go about some situations in a regard that can be deemed troublesome. These are the people I wish to reach out to, today, because not all actions show everything, nor do all words expose all truths.

Wikian Morals

Lots of people here on Fandom often rule their decisions based off their emotions about a certain scenario. The user who was banned for 3 months over a simple swear word in chat and no warnings might be considered harsh to many others, but the moderator might have a particular grudge against the user or even the word, if not that. Assuming we are in a position of concrete leadership, we must bear in mind that we cannot allow our personal bias to interfere with necessary justice.

Nacht's Morals

So, I've put together a list of lessons and experiences I have learned from Wikians, and I definitely hope that they will be acknowledged by the audience of this blog. While I completely realize that most of these might be brushed off, I will continue to entrust hope that the readers of my blog do accept these into their dealings with other users.
  • There are always two sides to a story: it is up to you to listen to them.
  • It takes two people to tell a lie- one to tell it and one to believe it.
  • Trolls want nothing more than your attention. Don't let them survive off of it.
  • Every experience is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others.
  • Likewise, there is two ways you can view a situation- focus on the positive side without abandoning the consequences..
  • Everybody has a story of their own, but do not let others write yours.
  • You cannot force people to listen, though you can encourage and inspire others to stand with you.
  • It does not take only one person to destroy a community: it takes everybody and fear.