Good afternoon everybody! As some of you might know, I became administrator here on Community Central approximately six months ago. While some of the experiences have been rather daunting, I feel as if I've grown as an individual. Therefore, I would like to share some of the ideas I've picked up thus far!

"What's It Like?"

The first thing I would like to address is the question people, typically newer users, ask me whenever they first send me a message. The question is "what is being admin like?".
It took me a few weeks to fully contemplate the answer, because in all honesty, being an admin is more than just a shiny star and tons of new tools. For me, the meaning roots far deeper than that. Prior to being administrator, I was a semi-veteran user who happened to enjoy writing blogs to inspire the minds of others. Now, I am a veteran user who still enjoys writing blogs- just with extra rights.

The Tale

I never wanted the adminship to change who I was as a person. All too often, I saw some FANDOM communities collapse due to leadership inconsistency and corruption. Sometimes, when we as people change, everybody else might notice- except for ourselves.
For those of you who didn't know, I had not been an admin on any other Wiki (aside from the ones I founded that never really blossomed). Naturally, I was quite nervous for taking up the torch of adminship, simply because of the concern I would fail or let my fellow Wikians down in some form. Even so, despite all of the mistakes I have made on some occasions, I prefer to believe I'm doing quite alright given the circumstances.

The Trail

The bottom line is, you're not going to be able to please everybody. Not everybody is going to like the way you perform tasks or word your sentences. However, it is perfectly okay to heed particularly constructive advice from others when you're guiding a Wiki in growth. Some people will follow you, others will not. You cannot be a leader by forcing others to stick with you, but you can be one by inspiring those who will listen to stand by you.

In Conclusion

The path of adminship is definitely not easy, but it is a valuable experience that can potentially shape not only your future, but your Wiki's as well. :)