Hi guys! Today, I will be discussing and evaluating the people we know as admins, which was provoked by a recent topic in the Community Central Chat!

What is an admin?

Admin is a shortened word for administrator, which is a defined individual designated to run and influence a set group of people. Commonly known people on a given Wiki are admins, because they have the ability to ensure the prosperity in blocking bad faith users, cleaning up vandalism and so on. Many Wikis have at least one admin, but depending on the activity and general population, there could possibly be more.

Are there bad admins?

Of course there is such thing as a bad admin, but truth be told, they are relatively far and few in between. I have seen all kinds of admins throughout my five years on Wikia, and I can legitimately say that I have only seen less than ten admins who were not deserving of their position. More often than not, users who have been rightfully blocked come to Central, urging Staff to remove so-and-so's rights. If you would like to read about why Staff do not usually remove "bad admins", Sannse wrote a rather helpful blog here.
Many people who come to Central in particular often are posting on admins' Message Walls, typically harshly demanding an unblock from a specified Wiki- which does not bode well with anybody. Granted, I will be writing another blog post regarding the topic of blocking and how to properly request an unblock, but for now, I will stick to the present topic.

What does it take to be an admin?

This was the center point of the Central Chat discussion, and some people brought up rather good points. An admin does not necessarily have to be an adult (18 years of age)- so long as they do not violate the Terms of Use and are under the age of 13. But, anybody who has desire to become an admin must bear in mind that they must be willing to fill the shoes as a leader. Being a leader does not mean bossing everybody around, because in truth, a true leader chooses to lead by example.
For example, one of my closest friends from another Wiki serves as an admin, and they don't just sit back and watch the Wiki continue along. They actively participate and edit- contributing in the ways they can as a form of serving as a role model. I can definitely tell, solely by their contributions, that they care about the Wiki and its continued growth as a community.
This is just one of many examples.

In Conclusion

  • True admins lead by example instead of leading by aggression.
  • Not all admins are bad- I'd say less than 10% of the population are.
  • Don't mistake being an admin as easy- it takes a lot more guts than one would believe.

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