Hey my fellow dragons me Orca of the Seawings has figured out the entire prophecy but I am still trying to figure out the last part like Jade Mountain will fall benaeath thunder and ice, maybe that means that Queen Scarlet gets a hold of that tailsman and... no she would have just used that on the rainforest unless Queen Glory goes there and she knows it and some of her other enimies are there such as Clay, Tsunami, Starflight (well don´t know about Starflight) and Sunny. So my theory is that Moon and her friends find Darkstalker, let him out and they go search for his tailsman. Foeslayer I have no idea maybe she helps them as well and her and Darkstalker will have their own little renuion. But I don´t know but maybe Turtle gets away from Peril... okay what I am trying to figure out is how him and Anmone get on the beach together alone. Because you would think Queen Coral would go and get Anemone or Pike- of course maybe Turtle knocks out Pike and tries to kill Anemone.