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Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
  • Queen Armada

    This wikia has been lingering  in deleting my work sloppily.I was wondering who could get into this case and do something efficient in this matter.

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  • Queen Armada

    To explain about Zarconia wiki that I invented it and have the concurrent stories for it and know how to draw the designs and know everything about it.I would have to remain as administrator and someone does things professionally for me to make it like a cartoon Sci-Fi military.Space military cartoons.But then he would have to invest money to make it into a cartoon.Then I would have to teach him the voices and info and they would be brief like the law.Not to be in depth and wreck it up.They might have to make another wiki to try it out that is seperate from this and to edit the wiki to make it proper and presentable to the public.This costs money and I do not have any to spare.It is excellent story that could be past 2070 and real.All of t…

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