Okay so hi everyone, my name's swag. You're probably thinking "f*ck I hate the concept of swag" and start hating and judging me.

Well that's kinda what I wanted to talk about, when I joined Wikia I thought it was going to be an awesome as place where I can be free of cyber-bullying and have everyone treat me kindly. But when I joined chat for the very first time all I could see was hate, hate, hate because of my name. It did hurt to know that people would say stuff like that so easliy and not even think of the possiblities of what that person would be feeling (in this case myself) and yet it still happens. I'm not really an emotional and sensitive person because I like to have fun and just be myself ^_^. But at times (well most of the time XD) I try to defend myself from these kind of "swag haters" but all it does it get me kicked or banned.

Yes I know swag could refer to "Secretly we are gay" and other crappy meanings btu seriously if there wasn't a meaning which I got my name from then I definitely wouldn't have had "swag" in my name! The meaning that I'd like to refer it to would be mean as style, I guess. (Sorry if you guys don't know what I mean by "mean as", it's NZ slang"

So anyways, I know I haven't really dont the right way of sorting out this problem and that's why I made this blog, so I can tell you all how I feel about this "anti-swag". So please to all those that read this can you atleast take the time to get to know me instead of "judging a book by its cover"?