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How do you feel when you are blocked?

Hi community members, here's another blog post with an embarrassing situation who happens on TTTE wiki today, ok, as many of you know, I'm always blocked there, but today another admin called SteamTeam blocked me, which made me embarrassed. I'm not really embarrassed, but I'm feeling terrible. also SkarloeyRailway a chatmod banned me from the chat for the first time. which made me even terrible. the reason I've was blocked is because I post spam photos saying disgusting words towards Oliverandtoad13, SkarloeyRailway, Bernuson, Toby7 and Thomasfan. I was banned from the chat for sockpuppet.

I will not be back for a long time because SteamTeam make the right decisions, just one thing. *facepalm*

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