One of the wikis I am on is considering adding the Achievement badges, but we have a real concern that we're going to get inundated with poor edits. Even without Achievement badges, all wikis have their share of poor edits. Some are inconsequential, but others are actual problems or vandalism.

Once you add in the badges, the workload of cleaning those up increases. We're trying to keep up with the Recent Changes Patrol, but a lot of times I am the only one doing that, so we don't want to drown in a flood of "make an edit just to get a badge" edits. We wouldn't want to add the badges and then take them away later because we can't cope with the problems any more.

Since Wikia does not have a "how-to" guide yet, I could really use some advice on how wikis deal with this. I need specifics:

  • What sort of announcement did you give to say that badges were active on your wiki?
  • Did you say up front what the consequences would be for making poor edits just to earn badges, or did you deal with each person individually after the fact?
  • What were your guidelines for those consequences and what were they?
  • What's the approximate percentage of people that heeded the "you made a poor edit to earn a badge" message and made started making good edits versus those that gave up on editing altogether and left the wiki? (Or continued on with making deliberate bad edits and had to be treated as a vandal.)
  • Did you have to shut off the badges because it caused too many problems?

I know some of these will be judgement calls rather than hard and fast rules/policies, but anything you can share will help.