Hey everyone! I'm about to tell you a little bit about this character on msp named Love Boyz 240. If you would like to correct any mistakes on my blog, just do it and send me a message saying what you corrected.

Here are some stuff about her on msp:

  • Love boyz 240: Real name is Brooklyn Peterson
  • Nickname is Brook or Brooke
  • Brooklyn is level 21 close to level 22 on msp
  • One of her best friends on msp made her a main. Club name: Official Stars
  • Best friends on msp are S T A R R & tillymaid#123
  • She has a bestie spot open and a 4thie spot open
  • She doesn't have any supporters yet currently trying to get some
  • Loves to meet a lot of new people
  • Brooklyn is more active & talkative on msp
  • The only one person she supports right now is a girl name Amy. She has two users they are Amy E> (Back up)1 thats the account she goes on most. Her second account is QueenIIAimee.

If you want to be her 4thie or bestie on msp just sent her a message on msp by saying why you want to be her 4thie or bestie!

Here are some stuff about her own life outside:

  1. Brooklyn has a sister named Skylar Peterson. Her user on msp is ohsnapitskaty12
  2. She has a pup named Snowball
  3. She is currently dating a guy named Joshua Anderson
  4. She is in 10th grade in school
  5. She is also well knowned in school
  6. She is more shy in school
  7. Has a bunch of friends

This is the end of the blog for now. I will come online to change, add more stuff or make a new blog. If you have any questions just send me a message. Thanks for reading.