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  • Ralok

    Problems with Ad-Bots

    November 12, 2012 by Ralok

    I am having severe problems with ad-bots on my wiki

    about once a week, or every other week new pages are created that are advertisemetns for . . . I think this shoe company?????

    I sent them a message complaining about their advertising practices. And I have deleted, and blocked all of the new users they have created (THEY ARE USING UP GOOD USER NAMES)

    This needs to stop . . . I cant stop it I need help for the love of god.

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  • Ralok

    Being Harassed

    November 1, 2012 by Ralok

    I am being harassed by another user here on wikia named Sonic Gobo Fraggle

    This user went onto the planet51 wiki and got the administrator to ban me, saying that I am a sock puppet for another user.

    claiming that I am another user that made accoutns to bypass bans, something I would never do despite being banned on several wikis (the mass effect wiki comes to mind).

    I have had this account for years.

    This user however has behavior eerily similar to a user called "Crazy Diddy Kong". A user who is banned across wikia, all of hits edits seem to involve muppets and "whatnots" just as diddy kkongs did, and one of his primary wikis is a wik…

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  • Ralok

    Category Deletion

    July 24, 2012 by Ralok

    I beg of you wikia . . .

    make this simple feature . . .

    when a category is deleted . . . it should be removed from all of the pages it is on . . .

    very . . . very . . . very simple

    it would solve . . . a thousand problems

    plus logically, of a category is deleted . . . the person deleting it, wants it to not be on any pages . . .

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  • Ralok

    Just a Thought

    July 11, 2012 by Ralok

    But . . . do you think maybe, you could make it . . . as easy to remove categories, as it is to add them? Because there are a loooooooooot of stupid editors that think adding 50+ categories to something is the proper way to add information to an article.

    And it takes . . . way longer to remove categories . . .

    I mean . . . could you at least make adding categories hard?

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  • Ralok

    Really Wikia?!?!?!

    May 19, 2012 by Ralok

    Okay wikia, you are better than this and we all know it! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!

    SERIOUSLY, you are featuring a wiki . . . that badly designed??!?!?! It has no custom logo or favicon, its front page is a complete and total mess.

    also there is this small thing about it advocating criminal behavior

    But honestly, that is one of the UGLIEST wikis I have EVER SEEN. Last time I had to get a wiki down there it took forever and I needed to have a laundry list of things that this wiki doesn't have . . . just . . . wow

    I mean is a pot-leaf favicon too much for them? I mean really it is the obvious thing to do.

    The whole thing is just . . . mind bogglingly incompetent, and how does one exactly put together that many …

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