I am being harassed by another user here on wikia named Sonic Gobo Fraggle

This user went onto the planet51 wiki and got the administrator to ban me, saying that I am a sock puppet for another user.

claiming that I am another user that made accoutns to bypass bans, something I would never do despite being banned on several wikis (the mass effect wiki comes to mind).

I have had this account for years.

This user however has behavior eerily similar to a user called "Crazy Diddy Kong". A user who is banned across wikia, all of hits edits seem to involve muppets and "whatnots" just as diddy kkongs did, and one of his primary wikis is a wiki that Crazy Diddy Kong created.

also, this users first activity was two days after Crazy Diddy Kongs last known activity. I am not saying that they are the same person, but I wouldnt be surprised.

I am being harassed by this user for no reason.