Okay friends I am going to make this as brief as possible, I need some major help with the John Carter wiki encyclopedia barsoomia. The content being covered is getting a major boost this year and the next.

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First off there are three ongoing comic series that the wiki covers from dynamite comics, one of which is getting its first issue this month. Warlord of Mars, Warlord of Mars : Dejah thoris, and Warlord of Mars Fall of barsoom

Marvel comics is releasing TWO series this year based upon John Carter, John Carter : princess of mars, and John Carter : Warlord of mars.

Also released this year (earlier this year) was the darkhorse reprints of the old John Carter comics, John Carter of Mars :Weird worlds, John Carter of Mars : The Jesse Marsh years, and John Carter of Mars : Warlord of Mars!

It would seem there is alot of momentum for this whole "John Carter of Mars" thing it gets even better.

The First three books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the original author of the series are being reprinted by Fall Rive Press, A Princess of Mars, Gods of Mars, and Warlord of Mars.

also important to this wiki, is the fact that the first theatrical film based on John Carter is going to be released next year. Its trailer just released last week!

So what is this all building up too, and what do I need help with exactly. I need help with templates for certain things (template for one shot books like rainbow mars that dont have a series, and the non-canon template), I need to hurry up and get the portal deign work done. I would appreciate a spotlight sometime in october (to coincide with the prequel comics release) and a spotlight during the films release, but only if it is possible!!

I have said what I have had to say, I hope people who read this think about helping me. At the very least I hope it can get you somewhat interested in what John Carter is! If not oh well not a big deal :P

Oh and anybody who says that the trailer looks like it is just a bunch of derivative hollywood cliches smacked together, the original book was released in 1912 making it older than anything you can claim that it looks like.